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Our Values

Our values

Our values reflect how we treat each other, our customers, suppliers and shareholders.

We will provide a safe and supportive workplace
Sharing a passion for safety and well being
Encouraging and enabling people to be at their very best
Treating each other fairly and equitably
Being non-political and non-personal
Recognising achievement
We exceed customer expectations

Committed to satisfying internal and external customer needs
Understanding customer requirements
Working with our customers for mutual benefit
Judging our actions by their impact on our customers
We are results orientated

Being focused on key objectives
Making effective use of benchmarking
Being committed to success
We have business integrity

Always doing the right thing
Keeping our promises and commitments
Being open and honest
Abiding by all laws
We involve our people in our business

Communicating effectively
Listening to each other
Involving and respecting people
Sharing responsibility and success
Working with pride as a team supporting each other
We practice action over bureaucracy

Having the will to succeed
Overcoming obstacles to progress
Making things happen quickly and effectively
Calculated and owned decisions
We seek relentless improvement

Questioning the status quo and challenging under performance
Accepting challenge without fear
Being innovative and taking calculated risks
Promoting a learning culture and providing appropriate training
Constantly seeking and acting on opportunities for improvement