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Care and Maintenance

This care and maintenance section provides advice that will help ensure your Airlite products maintain smooth operation and stay looking great. For more information about any airlite products please call us on 1300 804 220

To clean, lightly spray the face of the glass with a reputable brand of glass cleaner, following the manufacturer’s on pack instructions.

Alternatively, add a few drops of methylated spirits to a clean, nonabrasive damp cloth then wipe the glass. Buff with a clean lint free cloth for a streak free finish.

Eucalyptus oil, allowed to penetrate, will assist the removal of adhesive labels.

Diamond rings should not be worn when cleaning glass. Toughened safety glass is subject to breakage from scratches.

A single edge safety blade can be used with extreme care to remove labels and spillages from glass. Use at an acute angle to the glass in a single motion. Do not draw back over the glass.

Take extra care when cleaning coated high performance glass. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning instructions or contact an Airlite sales consultant for further information.

Powder Coating

An occasional wipe with a damp cloth will maintain your windows and doors in "as new" condition, but remember not to use abrasives or caustic chemicals.

Wash firstly with a soft cloth and mild detergent, rinsing off with clean water. Do not use solvents.

Clean all tracks on sliding doors and windows with a brush or vacuum, ensuring that all sill drainage slots are clear.

Eucalyptus oil, allowed to penetrate, will assist in the removal of adhesive labels from frames and glass. 

To maintain the decorative and protective properties of a powder coated finish, Airlite recommends cleaning at least every 6 months. In harsh, industrial, or coastal environments, more frequent cleaning is necessary.

In industrial, marine, alkaline or acidic environments the normal frequency of cleaning should be once every 3 months.

Sliding doors and windows

Clean all tracks on sliding doors and sliding windows with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Regularly check and adjust sliding doors and windows where necessary to prevent scrapping damage to the sill.

Clear all sill drainage slots.

Timber Finishing
Please consult a reputable paint or stain supplier for specific advice on the most suitable surface preparation, application and type of paint/stain system to use, so that you achieve the finish which you require.

Airlite is not responsible for any surface finishing defects on finishes not applied by Airlite.