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On this page are a number of frequently asked questions. If you don't find what you are looking for, or need more help please contact us on 1300 804 220

Are Airlite products covered by a warranty?

All Airlite products are guaranteed against defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials for a period of seven years from the date of delivery by Airlite.  For further information and conditions, see the warranty page.

Can Airlite install my new product?

Airlite installation service (AIS) can install your new Airlite product and even dispose of your existing windows and doors. For information about this service, take a look at the installation service page.

Can I get spare parts for Airlite products?

Yes. If any Airlite products need to be replaced simply contact your nearest Airlite showroom and ours sales team will assist you.

Can I replace a window with a door?

Yes. The Airlite Installation Service can turn most windows into brand new Airlite doors. 

Do Airlite make special sized windows?

Airlite products can make windows and doors perfectly sized to suit your home. The Airlite standard sizes brochure shows the sizes we make every day. Speak to an Airlite representative about custom sized products for your home.

How are Airlite Cedar products finished?

Airlite cedar products are factory finished as standard with a clear water repellent treatment that is designed to prevent water damage between manufacture and finishing post installation. Where required, Airlite cedar products can also be primed with a water based opaque acrylic primer, or even finished with a stain/lacquer.

How should I finish my cedar products?

Finishing cedar products to maintain the look over a long lifetime is a delicate process. Always pay attention to the instructions that come from your chosen finish manufacturer. For more information about timber finishing refer to our Airlite Timber page.

What colours can I get Aluminium windows and doors?

Airlite has a standard range of colours that have been developed over our years of experience. But if we don't have what you are after, we can produce almost and custom colour, however there will be a time and cost premium for custom colours.

What door styles can I get from Airlite?

Airlite manufacture a full range of timber doors for internal and external use including bi-fold doors, sliding doors and hinged doors. To see the full range of timber products browse our timber doors section.

Alongside this timber range, Airlite also manufacture aluminium doors for external use including bi-fold doors, sliding doors and hinged doors. To view our range of aluminium products brown our aluminium doors section.

What is the best size for windows?

The best size for windows really depends on your own personal requirements. However for optimum lighting and ventilation conditions windows should be between 20% and 30% of the overall floor area.

What styles of windows does Airlite make?

Airlite manufactures all of the standard window styles, as well as custom products. Within the windows section you will find awning, casement, bi-fold, sliding, double hung and fixed windows in both Aluminium and timber. Speak to an Airlite representative about any custom window requirements. 

What type of timber does Airlite use?

Most Airlite timber products are made using Western Red Cedar. When required, Airlite can also supply doors made from Merbau. Western Red Cedar is the timber of choice not only because of it's natural beatuy, but because of it's natural resilience as well. Western Red Cedar will not twist or warp and is resistant to insect damage making it the ideal timber for windows and doors.

What types of glass can I have?

Airlite offer a range of glass options for our window and door products. From double glazing to safety glass, we can supply your products with the right type of glass to maximise light and keep your energy consumption low. For more information about glass types, see our Glass Types page

Where can I see Airlite products?

Airlite products are on display at all three of our Sydney showrooms including Windsor, Thornleigh and Alexandria 

There are also a number of builders who display Airlite products in their display homes. Please speak to an Airlite representative about the best location to view our products.