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Products and Services

Products and Services

Airlite Cedar naturally

Western red cedar. It's a beautiful timber. It's also naturally superior. Western red cedar will not warp, twist, shrink or swell. It won't rot like other timber materials and termites simply hate it. How resilient is that? Western red cedar loves the harsh Australian climate - after all, that's where it grew up.

Airlite Aluminium - Give me two good reasons.

Aluminium can be the perfect choice for windows and doors for two very good reasons. It's strong and it's light. So your doors and windows can be barely there, nice and slim or they can be a stunning feature, big and chunky. Aluminium gives you both. We use powder coated or anodised finishes on our aluminium so that you'll never have to think about a paintbrush. We have all the usual colours. And the unusual ones too. Our glazing bars are mounted onto the face of the glass as standard, making for a better finish and a better performing window.