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Timber Hinged Doors


Timber Hinged Doors
Timber Hinged Door Reno Rumble
Timber Hinged Doors
Timber Hinged Doors
Timber Hinged Doors
Stegbar Timber Entry Doors
  • Timber Hinged Doors
  • Timber Hinged Door Reno Rumble
  • Timber Hinged Doors
  • Timber Hinged Doors
  • Timber Hinged Doors
  • Stegbar Timber Entry Doors

The Airlite Timber Hinged door is a statement of beauty. 

Versatile in design, the Airlite Timber Hinged door is suitable to a large range of applications and can be co-ordinated to match your entry door – creating a lasting impression for your home.

Where you require a design that delivers maximum light, or a more discreet finish, we have a solution to suit your needs.


  • Available in combination with window frames
  • Large selection of designs
  • Hardwood sill provides long lasting wear resistance
  • Open in or Open out applications available
  • Features double rebates allowing easy fitting of flyscreens and security doors
For more information about all of our products across the Timber Windows and Doors range download the Airlite Timber brochure. This brochure contains all the very latest information about our range of products and will help you make the right choice in selecting which product is best for your situation.

The threat of bushfires is a reality for most Sydney homes and is one of the first priorities that need to be considered when building or renovating. With this in mind, Airlite has developed – and extensively tested – a premium range of bushfire certified windows and doors certified to meet Australian standards and residential building practices. Available in cedar, aluminium and merbau, the range eliminates the need for bulky shutters, fire curtains or screens on fixed glazing.

Airlite products can cater for all five bushfire hazard levels, known as Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs).

  • BAL 12.5: Low
  • BAL 19: Moderate
  • BAL 29: High
  • BAL 40: Very high
  • BAL FZ: Flame zone

The first step is to determine your home’s BAL rating, and any special requirements for building in your area. We ask you consult your local council, government, or local fire authority for this information. After you know your BAL rating and other building requirements, talk to your local Airlite representative about your window and door options and what we can do to help protect your home from the threat of bushfires.

BAL 40

Why choose Airlite Installation Service?

  • An obligation free consultation and estimate.
  • Reliable, quality products and service.
  • Expert advice and product recommendation.
  • We will clean up and dispose of your existing windows and doors*
  • Qualified and licensed tradesmen will install your products**.

Make an appointment now by calling 1300 506 104 or submit an installation enquiry and an Airlite AIS sales representative will contact you directly to arrange an in home consultation.

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*Our AIS installer will only dispose of windows and doors they have removed to install your new Airlite product.
** Some types of structural work cannot be carried out by Airlite installers and should be referred to a builder.